Cabot Hall Buildings



Location: Canary Wharf, London

Client: Canary Wharf Contractors

Scope: Increased loads using FRP system

The demand to extend the retail space of London's Canary Wharf initiated the part commercial development of Cabot Hall. In order to ensure the capability of the structure to support a high pedestrian loading, the existing slabs underwent extensive strengthening.

The traditional strengthening method, the utilization of steel sections, was not a viable option for the Canary Wharf project. Due to restricted height access, the installation of approximately 10,000 metres of Carbon Fibre Plate (FRP) was instead proposed. As a result of their successful business relations, Structural Systems collaborated with Mott McDonald to reassess the requirements of the Canary Wharf strengthening. Subsequently, Structural Systems and Mott McDonald Altrincham (lead designers of Fibre Reinforced Polymers), were able to reduce the original 10,000mtrs to 4,350mtrs of Carbon Fibre Plate at a large reduction in cost. Prior to the installation process, pull off tests were undertaken on the slab soffit to provide both designer and contractor with the confidence that the slab was sufficiently strong enough to allow for the bonding of the carbon to the soffit.

The installation of the carbon fibre was undertaken in a two stage process with the first layer being applied in the same direction followed by the second layer being applied at 90 degrees to the first layer. With the reduced quantities along with reduced labour for installation, Structural Systems was able to provide the client with a far more cost effective solution from that originally specified.