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The Parabola

Structural Systems (UK) Ltd has been awarded the  RC detailing for the Parabola scheme in London.  The Parabola is an extremely complex residential development of three blocks ranging between 7 and 8 storeys in height.  The upper floors are to be of post tensioned construction, however, there will also be significant basement works including demolition and reconstruction of the raft at B1/ground/L1 and L3 beneath the existing heritage listed parabolic roof.  The Parabola scheme is top-down construction, building a donut of future suspended ground floor on grade to create a logistical platform for lorries and materials.   Due to its temporary piling strategy, the post tensioned superstructure & slip-formed core to Block C will have to be constructed from ground floor level (temporarily on grade) while significant excavation are made beneath it to the basement.

The Parabola and associated residental blocks




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