Technology & Partnerships

Structural Systems works in partnership with BBR Network who are recognized as the leading group of specialist engineering contractors in the field of post-tensioning, stay cable and related construction engineering. Hevilifts provides specialist knowledge in the use of heavy hydraulic lifting and jacking of structures within the Civil engineering, Building and Offshore Oil & Gas sectors.

The BBR Network operates in over 50 countries and has 10 specialist manufacturing facilities around the world. The BBR Network has over 250 engineers and 1,300 professionals in its core activities and over 2000 in all activities.

Benefiting from strong local connections in each of the countries that we work, we can call on the technical knowledge and resources that extends around the globe, utilising some of the most talented engineers as well as the very best internationally approved technology.

BBR constantly leads the industry with the latest 'state of the art' technology which is driven by its research and development arm at its headquarters in Switzerland.

BBR technologies have been applied to a vast array of structures - such as bridges, buildings, cryogenic LNG tanks, dams, marine structures, nuclear power stations, retaining walls, tanks/silos, towers, tunnels, wastewater-treatment plants, water reservoirs and wind farms. The BBR specialist equipment range includes Pot bearings, Cona HiAm and Dina systems which are recognised worldwide.

Hevilifts are a wholly owned subsidiary of Structural Systems works (UK) who are specialists in heavy hydraulic lifting and jacking, structural refurbishment and strengthening of structures within the Civil engineering, Building and Offshore Oil & Gas sectors. They offer a complete service for both design and installation and have the added benefit of undertaking associated activities such as temporary and permanent works design and erection or inspection services for existing bridge bearings and expansion joints, which can be coupled with a monitoring service.

They have offices in the UK and the Middle East.